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We are currently maintaining pages 33 articles! Recent changes New pages Missing pages Register. Sign In. From Mordhau Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Welcome to the Mordhau Wiki. The Mordhau guide for weaponscustomizationmaps and more written and maintained by the players. Mordhau is an upcoming multiplayer first-person fighting game set in medieval times, emphasizing skill-based competitive play using heavily customized avatars.

Built around a fluid, flexible fighting system, favoring finesse and fluency with controls also called player skillMordhau allows capable players to become unstoppable forces of nature Right until they collide with an immovable object a player of comparable skill. Add to that buckets of blood and extremities liberated from the confines of bodies And you have a game worthy of medieval times. Ye Olde Armory. Mon Dieu, What Carnage!

Game modes.

How to play guide for Mordhau System requirements Release date Game support. Tweets by mordhaugame.

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This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Mordhau Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO.For Honor is a fighting game with character based movesets and combos.

Mordhau collected all the positives about slasher games before it, like freeform fighting and free movement, which are the main aspects of these types of games, while eliminating undesirable mechanics. Also, the developers are not affiliated with Torn Banner and the game engine is Unreal Engine 4. Mordhau ensures that player experience is balanced, so there is a soft matchmaking system in place that will actively pair mercenaries with similar skill. However, the capture points and objectives are linear, so you will always know where to go — simply pay attention to the HUD.

It promotes many types of play — being in the front row with shields and plate armor, using a spear in the back lines, supporting with fortifications and medic bags etc.

mordhau armor customization

Battle Royale is very simple in concept — you spawn in alone and defenceless, you get gear from chests and try to fight your way until the very end. Horde is an ever-evolving co-op adventure where you defeat waves of various enemies.

It, or course, gets harder over time and is overall very challenging. Besides playing those three, you may also use the server browser which could have servers with Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Skirmish, which is a team vs team gamemode with one life per round. How many maps are in the game?

Mordhau builds: the best custom characters to master medieval warfare

For now, 7, though multiple are in the works. Litemordhautestlevel is a secret developer map. How do I get weapons and armor? The Armory provides you with a set of default presets. The cheapest and most accessible things are weapons and starting armor which you can buy for gold, and that ties into the next question. How does the in-game currency work?

Are there microtransactions? There are no microtransactions. The game has a progression system. At the end of every match you are being rewarded with XP and gold. Weapons are really cheap and easy to unlock. Cosmetics vary in price and level, with the more fancy stuff being high tier and more expensive. You can unlock them in any order, as long as you have the required level and gold. By completing the tutorial you get gold, an amount more than adequate for your first purchases.

What do I spend the starting tutorial gold on? I recommend buying the cheapest armor possible and the weapons you like for the quickest achievement of freedom. So the cheapest head, torso, and legs to your liking, plus a weapon on top. How does armor work? There are 4 tiers of armor — naked, light, medium, and heavy. The more armor you equip, the more hits you will be able to withstand and the slower you will move.

The movement reduction is a flat debuff for each piece on top of being naked. Can I have a X armor, a X weapon and a X perk together? You have sixteen points in total. Each layer of armor costs one point and there are three technically four armor tiers, so say a plate torso will cost you three points. A full plate suit of armor costs nine points.

An average weapon or tool costs six points, ranging from one to twelve. Which armor is the best?Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow.

mordhau armor customization

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Mordhau – Beginners Guide

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Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and more. Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:.

Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 38 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Triternion.Mordhau is a first-person slasher game developed by Triternion. It was Kickstarter funded in April and was released in April Mordhau is a multiplayer PVP medieval fighting game.

Combat ranges from duels to large open-world with up to 64 players. It features a skill-based combat system that is easy to learn but harder to master. The free-style control allows players to attack from a total of different angles with the flick of the mouse. Controller options are also available. Players can fight from horseback or even use the environment to their advantage. Bring castle gates down on enemies or toss boulders from above.

Mount up and flank the enemy with a surprise attack. There are multiple maps available to players that include snow, desert and forest biomes. Characters, weapons, and armor can be customized and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Mordhau will play on dedicated servers, but offline vs bot combat is available as well. The game has a built-in demo mode that allows players spectate and record gameplay. Mordhau contains graphic scenes of dismemberment using rudimentary weaponry.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Overview Mordhau is a multiplayer PVP medieval fighting game. Media Edit Images Edit.

Nineteen different cosplay ideas for Mordhau! [10 different dark souls cosplays!]

Categories :. Cancel Save.Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and more.

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Steam Store Page. Historical build - late 14th century knight.

mordhau armor customization

Mostly German influenced. MISC i. This is as close as I could come to a late 14th century knight. Here's an analysis of the build.

Cuirass - once again it's historical. The padded garment underneath it is known as a 'jupon' and can also be worn over the breastplate. Actually this was more common, wearing it under the breastplate is a bit of a rarity, though it is seen. Skirt - Nothing to see there.

Mail shirt under the breastplate and jupon, as would be common in the late 14th century. An arming garment under it. That style of edging seen on it is mostly seen on german garments.

Arms - Now we get to the worse stuff. The arms aren't completely historical. Not only is there no mail worn in the gaps like the armpits but the general shape isn't terribly right. It's not too bad, and it looks functional, but it isn't stylistically correct. Gauntlets - hourglass gauntlets, common from the midth century up to the midth century more or less.

They're good. Legs - once again as with the arms, it's not stylistically correct. Too many overlapping plates, historical leg armour was trying to get as little plates as possible, and in this period the cuisses thigh armour would be one piece, not two overlapping pieces.

The poleyn knee guard is mostly right though. The greave lower leg armour should extend down further, to the foot itself.

The legs are also worn over a padded garment, which historically is mostly a big no. The leg armour needs to sit as tightly as possible for maximum comfort otherwise it gets very heavy to bearand having thick padding between the leg and the armour isn't great. Historically the hose worn under armour was unpadded, even under mail you wore unpadded and tight-fitting hose, though it was usually made of stout textile to prevent tearing.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. The first one is about game mechanics. Is it only me or does level 3 torso armor, for the majority of weapons, offer a slight damage reduction compared to level 2? Slight, as in nearly pointless compared to the mobility loss.

New armor and shields

The second question is historical and I've had this for a long time. Nothing can pierce chainmail, correct? And to be protected against blunt force, soldiers used to wear gambeson beneath their chainmail, correct? So, if this was enough why was there need for plate armor to be invented? Why was chainmail not enough? What am I missing?

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Character Customization

Actionjackson View Profile View Posts. I kinda like Mike Loades, hes in it with enthusiasm. I enjoyed the other parts of the series too.

Honestly, the worst difference is in the helmets.

Led spots systeemplafond

I was stunned to see how much mobility I lost going from a 1 to a 2 helmet, compared to a 2 chest and pants to a 3 on both. Originally posted by ConstantinusXP :.

mordhau armor customization

Javi View Profile View Posts. Chainmail protects agains cuts, but doesn't provide protection against blunt weapons. Piercing weapons can cause some damage too, isn't hard to damage a chainmail with an arrow or a spear.

Gambesons are more like an extra layer of protection that also protetcs you agains your own armor, but it's just padded cloth. Plate armor gives you much more protection against piercing and blunt weapons, but isn't as elastic as chainmail, and this can be a hidrance for some movements like crouching or siting.With 64 players hacking and slashing across medieval battlefields, Mordhau is bloody, chaotic fun.

But all those severed limbs and battlecries disguise what is one of the most nuanced melee combat systems ever devised in a game.

If you go in mashing buttons and wantonly swinging your sword left and right, chances are the only head you'll see rolling is your own—and the unfortunate teammates who happen to get in your way.

That's why we've rounded up some helpful Mordhau tips to get you started. Learning to be a lord of war in Mordhau will take a lot of patience and some trial and error, but this guide breaks down some basic concepts and includes links to more in-depth reading material should you really want to study the blade. Further down, you'll also find some rapidfire tips of some systems you might not be aware of. Take your Mordhau mercenary skills to the next level with our builds guide and tier list.

Or, if you really want to be a jerk, learn how to play Mordhau like a right bastard. Mordhau is not a hack-n-slash kind of game. If you want to survive, you're going to need to think carefully about your attacks while reacting quickly to your enemies'. And with a combat system as in-depth as this, you could spend hours pouring over guides to every little detail that goes with swinging a sword.

To start, though, complete the combat tutorial which walks through the basics of attacking, parrying, and feinting.

It's a lot to take in, but starting out you should focus on these simple basics:. Practice morph attackswith the simplest being an overhead slash into a stab. These attacks are great for baiting out an early parry, leaving your opponent vulnerable. Practice parrying properly by turning your camera to follow the tip of the player's weapon.

While some weapons have a wider angle of parrying, others are quite narrow. You should always be in the habit of parrying attacks this way, instead of just facing the enemy and holding the right mouse button. This becomes even more important if you're pressed up close with your enemy, as their swings will arc from either side beyond the range of your parry, forcing you to turn your camera to block them.

Once you're feeling more comfortable with the weight and timing of your weapons, I highly recommend reading this Steam guide that covers everything about Mordhau's combat in great depth. It's a fantastic resource to pore over as you continue to play. Mordhau's combat is governed by a robust physics simulation that is extremely fun to play with, but can also be frustrating.

Most of it operates on basic logic: If a character has a shield on their back, you won't be able to shoot them with arrows from behind.

But there are more nuanced interactions than that. Arrows and thrown weapons can be parried if timed perfectly, but you can even hit them out of the air with a well-placed swing. If someone does manage to stick you with a throwing axe, you can often see it lodged in your own body, allowing you to grab it and throw it back at them. Likewise, you can pluck throwing axes out of bodies of teammates or even enemies during combat.

Get used to your weapon being caught on players or the environment. In Mordhau, your weapon won't magically clip through the environment or other players, which means you have to always be conscious of how much space you have before attacking.

A room with a low ceiling will block your overhead swings, for example. Likewise, be conscious of friendly players who are near you before you swing from side to side, as you're liable to hit them in the back and damage them. Mordhau provides almost a dozen default classes that you can use from the beginning, each one fully kitted out in armor and weapons that you might not have yet unlocked.